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Anne Kaaria

My name is Anne Kaaria. I head the Capacity-Building, Leadership Training, Youth and Women Development department at Inspired Kenya, a private consulting firm. I have over 15 years’ experience in Leadership, Management, Administration, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Entrepreneurship. I am a performance-driven professional, with a proven success record in Team Performance and Management. I have worked with various companies to develop, expand and generate new business opportunities.

My previous responsibilities have included sales and marketing management, product development and distribution, writing contract proposals and presentations. I have thus developed capabilities in the areas of business administration, economics, communication and negotiating skills. Some of the noteworthy achievements in my career have been with Nation Media Group and Wananchi Group, some two renowned corporations in East Africa.

I have previously worked for Nation Media Group within the Circulation Department as an Area Sales Manager for their largest territory. During my tenure there, I grew NMG’s market share for their daily newspapers by approximately 35% in a six month period, opened up new markets, and grew their new brands exponentially. I have also worked for Wananchi Group as a Consultant Sales Manager. This was a challenging appointment because the Zuku triple-play (TV, internet and telephone) service was just being launched at the time, a service that had not been experienced before in East Africa. I managed to lead my team to acquire individual access for Wananchi Group to lay their infrastructure into more than 50,000 housing units within Nairobi, and thereafter made sure that the Zuku brand became a household name in the areas it had initially launched, surpassing all other competitors. The Zuku brand garnered over 70% penetration within a 3 month period from launching, in all the housing complexes where the service had gone live.

I am a creative problem-solver, with the ability to drive revenue growth, increase morale, and consistently exceed profit goals. I have a solid background in planning and executing project plans, entrepreneurship, a hands-on manager with highly developed negotiation skills and experience in cultivating and managing strategic business partnerships.

​My consulting firm, Inspired Kenya, has grown to encompass five departments, namely, Capacity Building, Management Consulting, Market Research, Youth and Women Empowerment, ICT Development. We have also invented the “Inspired Kenya” Vision. This is a Vision of Kenya that the directors came up with to play an active role in inspiring Kenyans of all ages and all walks of life to develop a positive attitude and mind-set, one of self-belief. This is the key to propelling them to become creative and pro-active citizens who will play an individual part in developing Kenya and ensuring that their individual dreams are achieved. It is from this that we came up with Empowerment and Training programs for children, teens, youth, women, men and persons with disabilities.

I am also the Director in charge of the Inspired Kenya Vision. So far we have conducted very successful training programs for the executives, officers, women and youth in many counties in Kenya. We are also involved in training the leadership of various county governments, both the executive and the assembly. We are also teaming up with political party leaders to empower them towards focusing on economic and social development for women and youth. We have experienced amazing results as we have been at the fore-front to assist some County Governments with sustainable programs for the women and youth.

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